Benjuriy Company
Our Company has solid partnerships with leading non-food products wholesale platforms and major suppliers of goods such textile, computer parts, equipment and etc.

Our goal is to supply high quality products for our partners at very competitive wholesale prices as well as excellent service quality. We not only offer a wide range of products, but also reasonable prices. Since we do business directly with manufacturers, we are able to provide a loyal price policy that is beneficial to our customers' growing business.

Benjuriy trade LTD is a professional trading agent of a wide range of goods.

We keep an eye on the markets and do our best to adapt our assortment to the ever changing demand. You, as our Partner, can attract a constant flow of clients to your organization.
Since we deal directly with manufacturers, our experienced team can provide all kinds of support to our Partners: legal issues, logistics, etc.

Benjuriy staff are always ready to answer your questions by email, telephone and via personal meeting.